Languages in Motion’s Professional Interpreter Network is a growing resource pool of accredited professional interpreters with experience in over 230 languages with the top 30 languages robustly supported to ensure the best global availability and scalability for any organization or company of any size. Every interpreter available in this network has been individually vetted by our internal team or our interpreter marketplace partners to ensure that whenever you access the network you do so with the confidence that the interpreter you connect with has been admitted following a thorough and detailed recruitment process. Each interpreter is screened and validated with a background check that reviews their language proficiency, education, work experience and professional certifications. Over the Telephone Interpreting (OPI) professionals and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) professionals in the Professional Interpreter Network are further vetted for technology readiness and are given additional training for each modality including competency in the use of Languages in Motion’s technology for the support of OPI and VRI. The Professional Interpreter Network assures that you will only be connected to interpreting professionals who are:

  • Qualified & Experienced
  • Available 24/7
  • Bound by confidentiality agreements and always HIPAA compliant.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ in the field experience.
  • 100% fluent in their supported language pairs

Medical Interpreters may be selected with either The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters Certified Medical Interpreter (CMI) designation or with the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CHI) and Core Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CCHI) designation, or both.

Additionally, for Canada and the United States’ local and national governments, insurance and legal/finance interpreting services, we include candidates with Provincial or Federal Court Interpreter Certification programs completion and/or Department of Human Services (DHS) and Department of Social and Human Services (DSHS) certified interpreter designations.


  1. Rigorous examination of interpreter’s resume, cover letter, and interpreting experience.
  2. Interpreter undergoes telephone interview with a Languages in Motion interpreter training specialist and/or a recruiting partner.
  3. Specialist conducts verification of references and experience.
  4. Specialist will confirm fluency and interpreting proficiency via verbal and in some cases written testing. Where proficiency cannot be tested via partner network, we will generally request evidence that a successful ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview has taken place.
  5. Identity and security background checks.
  6. For further information on the Languages in Motion Professional Interpreter Network interpreter screening process please visit our website @


All documents shared and spoken word through Languages in Motion’s Interpreting Services Application (LISA) are considered confidential and all interpreter’s notes, memos, and sensitive information relating to the subject matter discussed in an appointment will be destroyed after completion of a call or appointment unless otherwise stated by the client. Each Interpreter on the platform must adhere to LiM’s Code of Ethics for Interpreters and those stated by their Certifying body, follow the Code of Conduct and the Interpreter Terms of Engagement outlined below:


  1. Interpreters using LISA for interpretation services must follow all privacy regulations. Any information obtained during interpretation assignments will remain strictly confidential. This information will not be published, communicated or disclosed to any person or organization outside of the assignment.
  2. Interpreters using LISA who are designated as Medical Interpreters must provide evidence of current HIPAA compliance.
  3. Interpreters using LISA will, to the best of their ability, provide the most accurate interpretation without altering, adding to, or omitting anything stated during the assignment.
  4. Interpreters using LISA will not exhibit bias nor allow personal opinions to interfere with communication during an assignment. If the interpreter has any perceived or real conflict of interest, they will disclose this information before committing to an assignment.
  5. Interpreters using LISA will refrain from participating in assignments that are outside their professional skills, language fluency, or level of training.
  6. Interpreters using LISA will not conduct assignments for which they do not have certification.
  7. Interpreters using LISA will provide excellent customer service, employing a professional demeanor, courtesy and respect to all clients. The interpreter will answer each call with the greeting: “Hello my name is NAME my ID is NUMBER and I am your LANGUAGE interpreter. How may I help you?” The interpreter will follow instructions by the client to fulfill the needs of the assignment and adhere to the time commitment agreed upon during scheduled assignments. The interpreter will dress professionally and refrain from answering calls in public environments where PHI may be at risk. The interpreter will not hang up or abandon the call until their client directs them that they have finished their assignment.
  8. Interpreters using LISA will stay informed of and adhere to Languages in Motion Professional Interpreter policies and guidelines provided by Languages in Motion that relate to their professional duties.
  9. Languages in Motion and Languages in Motion’s authorized partners will test each interpreter for technological success, validate current certifications where they may be required, and ensure compliance with HIPAA.
  10. Languages in Motion authorized employees and Network Partners will perform random test calls with interpreters to test their adherence to protocol and online professionalism as well as technological success factors.
  11. Interpreters Using LISA will stay up-to-date with the latest professional standards and protocols.
  12. Languages in Motion cloud network partners may provide further Code of Ethics and compliance conditions above and beyond Languages in Motion recommendations.
  13. Languages in Motion recommends that all interpreters in the Network familiarize themselves with several National and International Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct documents which will be additionally instructive in maintaining the highest level of professionalism while conducting Interpreting support in the network. Languages in Motion recommends the following documents:
  1. Languages in Motion has specialized types of permissions for Medical and Legal Interpreters:

a. To be qualified to take medical assignments, interpreters must provide valid proof of HIPAA compliance
b. Medical interpreters must provide proof of medical interpreting training (at least 40 hours-i.e. Bridging the Gap or Equivalent)
c. Medical interpreters must provide proof of 3 years of experience in medical interpreting field
d. Legal interpreters must provide proof of 3 years experience in legal interpreting field (types of certificates and documentation varies from province to province or state to state) so we refer to this map, created and updated by the National Center for State Courts for court certified interpretation in the United States:
And the National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services for legal interpreters in Canada: 

  1. Certification Screening and Approval for RID Interpreters: ASL Interpreters must provide documentation confirming that they are nationally certified through the Registry Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). RID offers a variety of certifications, both generalist and specialized, that can be obtained only after meeting strict requirements, including ethical decision-making, and passing both written and performance exams.
  2. Before an interpreter is enabled to take calls, Languages in Motion Interpreter teams verify that the interpreter is certified by the RID. All national certified interpreters are required to maintain certification through continuing education, including a minimum 80 hours of professional development over four years. As certified providers, each interpreter adheres to the RID Code of Professional Conduct, which emphasizes confidentiality and behaving in a professional manner as dictated by and appropriate for video interpreting.


Interpreters will be available for the entire duration of a scheduled call, in person or video request. In the event that an appointment goes over time, the interpreter reserves the right to end the appointment at the scheduled time should they have other commitments. Interpreters are encouraged to leave a 15-minute buffer in between phone and video appointments and a 1-hour buffer for On-Site/In-Person appointments to assist in these circumstances. If an appointment goes overtime and an interpreter is still required, we recommend using the On-Demand service by dialing 1-888-556-5541, extension #1, entering your unique PIN and language. On-Demand interpreters are available 24/7. Video services are also available by logging in to and using the desktop interface to access a Video Interpreter.



Terms of Engagement for Interpreters

(Online reference)

The interpreter is required to provide Language Interpreting Services upon their own discretion to Languages in Motion and its clients on LISA (Languages in Motion’s Interpreting Services Application).

The interpreter agrees as follows:

The interpreter may only accept appointments on their own behalf
If the interpreter accepts an appointment, the appointment is tied directly to his/her name and may not be given or assigned or transferred to another at any time. If the interpreter is unable to attend the appointment due to an emergency, they must cancel as soon as possible. This may be done by going into the desktop or mobile app. Please consult the training guide to reference this process

Interpreter’s Commitment to Attend
Once the interpreter has clicked “accept” on an appointment, they are obligated to attend the appointment under contract. Cancellation for no reason or a total of two (2) no shows will result in removal from the platform.

The interpreter must provide proof of all qualifications for each specialized assignment. If a client requests the interpreter to show their certifications, they must be able to provide this upon request.

It is recommended that interpreters carry their own insurance to aid them in the event of any legal disputes in regards to services rendered. While on a Languages in Motion assignment, either Over the Phone, over Video Remote, or In-Person/On-site, all interpreters are covered by Languages in Motion’s Errors and Omissions and General Liability Insurance Policy. However, the interpreter indemnifies and holds Languages in Motion harmless against any loss, damage or costs (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) incurred in connection with claims, demands, suits, or proceedings (“Claims”) made or brought against Languages in Motion resulting from an interpreter’s gross negligence or willful misconduct in the performance of Services and/or the delivery of Interpreting Services; provided, however, that the Interpreter shall have no such indemnification obligation to the extent such Claim arises from Languages in Motion’s negligence or willful misconduct.

If the client requests proof of insurance, please forward the request to and we will forward the policy to the client.

It is the interpreter’s responsibility to confirm the completion of all assignments done In-Person/On-site. This may be done within the Interpreting Management System. If confirmation is not made, no payment will be issued.

Double Booking and Other Appointments

It is not possible to book two interpreting assignments (onsite at the same time in the LiM system). However, for appointments outside the system, it is the interpreter’s responsibility to ensure they are not double booking with any other appointments. Additionally, it is unethical to answer an On-Demand Phone call when the interpreter is performing On-site services for another client.

Breached Terms of Engagement, Code of Conduct and Ethics, or Contract

If at any time an interpreter breaches the Terms of Engagement, Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics, or Contract, they will be removed from the system and will no longer be part of Languages in Motion’s Professional Interpreter Network. This will be done without warning or notification on LiM’s behalf. Legal proceedings will be handled according to the situation when there is a breach of contract.

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