Introducing Yourself for a Consecutive Interpretation Assignment

This is an interpreting assignment preparation guide that will help you during your interpretation session. It is important to state the following points in both languages:

  • Your name
  • Who sent you (Languages in Motion) (Any other information is on your Interpreter Request Form)
  • What you are here to do (Interpretation. Instructions are on your Interpreter Request Form)
  • Tell them that you will maintain absolute confidentiality
  • Ask the Client permission to interpret for him or her
  • Clarify that everything will be interpreted
  • Explain that you will interpret in the first person and that you’ll announce yourself by referring to yourself as ‘The Interpreter’
  • Ask them to pause here and there so that you can interpret everything
  • Indicate that it may be necessary to ask speakers to stop/slow down and that you will use a hand signal to ask them to stop in case you need to catch up
  • Indicate that it may be necessary for you to ask for clarification
  • Tell all the parties that you may take notes
  • Let them know that if the interpretation is longer than 3 hours, you’ll need a break

Here is an example:

I’ve been sent by Languages in Motion to facilitate the communication between ___________and ____________ (Example: Name of Patient and Doctor)

As an Interpreter I will interpret everything, so please speak in short sentences and only one person at a time. (This can be said if there are many people participating in a conversation).

Everything that is said during the session will be confidential. I may need to take notes during the session which will be destroyed immediately after the interpretation ends.

I will interpret everything in the first person and announce if I am referring to myself saying ‘The Interpreter’

Please speak to each other in short sentences and one person at a time, I may interrupt for clarification by raising my hand.

I will be taking a 15 min break every 3 hours.

Do you agree to have me interpret for you today?


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