Language Interpreting Services Application

Interpreter app

LISA is a web-based platform and smartphone app that connects you with a phone interpreter or video interpreter in less than 30 seconds.

Access an interpreter via phone or video, or schedule an interpreter to join your video conference, phone conference or schedule them to come in-person. All on one simple platform. Over 200 languages supported*.

Over the Phone Interpreter

            ✓  200+ languages

            ✓  On-demand / Scheduled

            ✓  Smartphone / Landline

            ✓  Mobile & Web App

            ✓  Company Dashboard

Video Remote interpreter

            ✓  200+ languages

            ✓  On-demand / Scheduled

            ✓  Mobile & Web App

            ✓  Company Dashboard


On-Site Interpreter

            ✓  65+ languages

            ✓  Scheduled / Same Day Request

            ✓  Certified or Accredited Interpreters

            ✓  Company Dashboard


*Language availability may vary due to language demand, service type and time of day.

Interpreter app

The Interpreter Network

7000+ Interpreters

The interpreter network at LiM consists of Certified Court, Community, Medical and HIPAA compliant interpreters that have the qualifications based on each request that is made. Our system allows you to pick an interpreter that is specialized in specific areas across all languages. To learn more about our Interpreter network and the selection process, Code of Ethics and qualifications click here.

Interpreter Services

  • Business / Corporate
  • Court / Legal (Certified)
  • Education
  • Emergency Services
  • Financial Services
  • Government (Local/Federal/Provincial)
  • Healthcare (Certified)
  • Insurance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical (Certified)

LISA on your smartphone:

Download here:

  • Account registration is required to use the app

Possible Settings

Health Care

The Language Interpreting Services Application (LISA) gives you 24/7 access to medically trained Interpreters who understand industry terminology, compliance and privacy. LISA meets all data and privacy standards (HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA/PIPA) in both Canada and the United States; patient information is secure.

Court & Legal

This app gives real-time language support for legal and courtroom scenarios. Interpreters carry Court Accreditation/Certification (proof available upon request). Courthouses, Holding Cells, Lawyers and their clients can communicate 24/7 On-Demand via Phone, or Schedule interpreters in advance, helping all parties achieve their goals as though there was no language barrier.


Businesses are able to access hundreds of languages, supporting them with expansion to domestic and global markets. This app facilitates relationships for businesses anywhere in the world, 24/7. Scenarios include phone interpreters for meetings, video interpreters for conferences, and in-person interpreters to assist with site visits and facility tours.


LISA enables government offices to seamlessly communicate with residents in a State/Province/Municipality or Country where language barriers are an issue. Whether it is offering multi-lingual support through municipal call centers, or accessing an On-Demand phone interpreter to facilitate settlement services, LISA will allow employees to have access to qualified interpreters to assist them in less than 30 seconds.


Communication is paramount in education. LISA will enable, teachers, support staff and administrators to communicate with parents for parent-teacher interviews, behavioral assessments, community events and help newcomer families to feel welcome in their community. Easily call a parent using the phone interpreting service and organize schedules or host a video conference with an interpreter to fully understand the challenges they face.

Travel and Hospitality

With access to thousands of interpreters in over 200 languages, travel agencies, tourist information centers, and/or hotels will be able to instantly connect to a phone interpreter from the app to engage with their guests in an authentic way.


Communication is needed everywhere we go. This app will allow all users to ensure they are never left in a situation where they cannot communicate. Through Phone and Video Interpreting, they are never more than 30 seconds away from communicating with a speaker of another language.


Events are centered on the ability to communicate. LISA provides instant access to arranging an on-site interpreter or, providing an interpreter at your booth via Video or Phone. Event interpreting opens up a world of possibilities by allowing users to reach crowds they would otherwise be unable to communicate with.

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