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  • 24-48 hour Delivery of Certified Translations (Canada & USA)
  • 12 hour or less Delivery of Email version of translation (Internationally)
  • 24 hour On-Site Interpreter available (Locally)


We Translate Professionally in 65+ Languages (52 Certified)


Insured in Canada and USA

  • LiM carries Errors and Omissions Insurance and General Liability
  • 2-5 Million dollars in coverage
  • The translations of all written materials are covered when you use our services

Industries we specialize in



  • Arbitrations
  • Contracts
  • Insurance Claims
  • Patents
  • Wills & Estates


  • Medical Records
  • Clinical protocols
  • Patent applications
  • Study drug labels
  • Patient reports


  • Manuals
  • Reports
  • Technical Translations
  • Press Releases
  • Environmental Impact Assessments


  • Financial reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Bank Statements
  • Credit and Equity Research
  • Financial Statements


  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Slide Decks
  • Promotional Fliers
  • Business Cards


  • User Manuals
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Installation Manuals
  • Data Sheets

Industry specialization is a very important factor when you are considering hiring a translator or interpreter. As you probably are aware, each industry has specific terms, acronyms, units, and expressions that are particular in that area of work. This, combined with regional differences and finding the equal word in the specific industry in a different country can be quite challenging and require a deep understanding of the industry-specific terms that vary from region to region. Our Certified Translators are experts in both of their languages and have years of experience working in their industry of choice.

Another distinguishing point that sets our translators apart from others is that they pick the areas of work that they enjoy doing. As you’ve noticed above, we specify our “Industries of Expertise”. These industries of specialization range from Legal & Court Interpreting all the way to technical translations of the diagram of a directional drill bit. The Certified Translators and/or Professional Interpreters that will work for you will be experienced in your industry of expertise. We guarantee it.

What our clients have to say
  • Our work with Languages in Motion Ltd. assisted in providing a better service to our clients by translating foreign documents making them accessible to the Court. They made tremendous effort to achieve our expectations and succeeded with great efficiency. We would certainly use their services again and recommend highly.

    James M. Lutz
    James M. Lutz Partner, Dartnell & Lutz Law Firm
  • We manage a property with many newcomer families, and had an important message to deliver. In order to ensure the highest level of comprehension, we had the message translated in to three South Asian languages. Languages in Motion was the only interpretation service that was prepared to guarantee all translations. They did the work quickly, allowing us to get our message out on time. We are very pleased with the service they provided, and will definitely use them again if the need arises.

    Doug Snider
    Doug Snider Peka Professional Property Management
  • Michael and the team at LIM are exceptional! We always receive great service, fast turnaround time to our requests and high quality results. We wouldn't consider using anyone else!

    Gary Ellis
    Gary Ellis GDE Family Law
  • I had to have numerous passport stamps translated in to English and certified. I was impressed with the quick turnaround and professionally presented documentation. I would highly recommend LIM to others.

  • Languages in Motion offers prompt and accurate translation and interpretation services. I have used LIM on several occasions for my immigration legal practice and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

    Russ Weninger
    Russ Weninger Immigration Lawyer
  • The service was exceptional and we received the translation very quickly. We will definitely use Languages in Motion in the future.

  • I used LIM for certification and translation of documents for a permanent residence application. Their service was professional and timely - I would recommend them without reservation.

    Egardt Gerber
    Egardt Gerber
  • Great service, timely and efficient. It was all done online. Also, I could phone in and talk to them in case I had questions. I would recommend them to all my friends to help them avoid all the running around.

  • I used Languages in Motion's services when I had to apply for my PR card renewal from CIC. It was a very chaotic moment with lot of paper work and lots of passports and stamps for translation. Michael did a good job in organizing each and every document and stamps on the passport and very easy to process the info in the translated docs. I am sure in the future if I needed any services in translation I will contact them. I will certainly recommend Languages in Motion to all other friends who need translation.


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Languages in Motion is a company that works with the most professional and qualified translators and interpreters in the industry. Our team at LiM is continuously improving to provide more languages and deliver impeccable service with the highest quality and professionalism.


Translation (reproducing text into another language) can be a sensitive matter. Small idiomatic expressions that change from region to region can alter the fluency and tone of a text.

The way you present your documents reflects the professionalism of you and/or your organization. It is important to trust the people you ask to translate your documents and trust that they are working alongside the best in the industry. Languages in Motion brings that standard of excellence to you. We work exclusively with Certified Translators. Each Certified Translator has passed an exam and has personally translated over 140,000 words in their language direction.


Interpretation (reproducing speech into and from another language) requires a high level of skill and practice on behalf of the interpreter. The fluency and their ability to communicate in both languages is only the beginning of the abilities required for an interpreter to do their job effectively. In interpreting, there are two main categories: Simultaneous and Consecutive.
In Simultaneous Interpretation, the interpreter continuously interprets speech without stopping. This is generally done in conferences and the interpreter sits in a booth and interprets a lecture or a speech. This requires an unbelievable amount of mental energy and language skill with a vast reservoir of terminology in both languages. Interpreters will work collaboratively for around 20 minute shifts and then need to rotate with the other in order to avoid burnout. If the conference is for a full day, three interpreters are recommended. It is important to note that during the 20 minutes of their shift, they will not be able to consult a dictionary, or look up terms – they should already know these terms and should be able to translate them instantly.
Consecutive Interpreting is performed in meetings that would require the interpreter to interpret phrases and sentences between 2-4 individuals. In Consecutive Interpretation, there is generally a pause or delay when the speaker completes a sentence. This type of interpreting is generally used in Questionings and/or Discoveries. It is also quite common in Hospital settings as well as Court Trials and in Company Board Meetings. On top of the ability to portray the message to those conversing, the interpreter is required to understand the tone of the conversation as well as possess excellent listening skills.

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