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Interpreters facilitate communication between languages and attend appointments with clients and people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). Appointments are commonly conducted In-person/On-site (OSI), Over The Phone (OPI) or via Video Remote (VRI) for the following settings: Medical Assessments, Legal Consultations, Insurance Claims, Immigration Consultations or Hearings, Court Hearings, and other Public Services.

Interpreters are professional and courteous at all times, follow the Code of Ethics (see https://www.languagesim.com/code-of-ethics-for-interpreters/) and know the terminology for the assignments that they attend.


  • Be punctual for all appointments
  • Render correct concepts and meanings between languages
  • Provide clear and accurate interpretation with no additions or omissions
  • Employ good customer service
  • Be responsive to Project Managers and/or clients
  • Be polite and friendly with all parties involved
  • Maintain strict confidentiality for all matters regarding interpreting assignments
  • Never speak about assignments to friends/family and respect each client’s privacy


  • Own a computer and mobile phone in order to view, accept, and correspond regarding  projects with the Project Manager and/or LiM’s interpreter management system
  • Own a printer in order to print assignment forms (paperless option available on platform)
  • Conduct assignments according to the Interpreting Assignment Preparation Guide
  • For Consecutive Interpreters: A degree in Linguistics/Languages and any of these certifications: CILISAT, CISOC, CTTIC (OTTIAQ, ATIA, ATIO, STIBC etc.), ATA, or similar
  • For Court Interpreters: Provincial/Federal Court Certification such as: ATA, CTTIC, or similar
  • Proof of hours of interpretation experience
  • Must have reliable source of transportation
  • Must have a current police clearance
  • Exceptional communication skills in both English and the target/source language, listening skills and cultural sensitivity
  • Adherence to the Interpreter Code of Ethics, Subcontractor Agreement, and Interpreting Assignment Preparation Guide https://www.languagesim.com/interpreting-assignment-preparation-guide/
  • Upload a resume with all experience related to interpreting in professional settings


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