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Canada is recognized for being an open and multicultural country that accepts all nationalities, races and languages. Although Canada’s primary languages are English and French, not everyone can speak them. 

That’s why all healthcare service providers, such as medical centres, emergency centres and hospitals, should have a certified interpreter ready to help if the situation arises. This is the last place where miscommunication needs to occur. 

With a professional in-house or on-call, you can improve the quality and management of healthcare services. As a starting point, here are four benefits of hiring an interpreter for healthcare.

4 Benefits of Using a Certified Interpreter for Healthcare 

1) Full Communication Saves Lives 

The clock is ticking when it comes to emergency healthcare situations. Neither the patient nor the medical professional has time to miscommunicate any issues that arise. Both need to act fast and speak clearly. That’s where an interpreter comes in. 

Having a professional Canadian interpreter on-site can improve communication and ensure that patients are well aware of their rights and responsibilities. This helps reduce the risk of misunderstandings and misdiagnoses while ensuring they get the treatment they need. 

As for the healthcare provider, this ensures they can treat the patient to the best of their abilities and avoid any potential legal matters in the future. 

2) Effective Use of Time & Resources

Although there might be someone on staff who can speak the patient’s language, it’s not their primary job, and most likely, they don’t have the time or resources to help at the moment. 

Having a certified interpreter in-house, on-call and available through Zoom or telephone means that you can optimize internal resources better, eliminating wait time. Staff won’t have to waste time looking for an interpreter while the patient gets treatment immediately. 

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3) Reduces Risks 

Healthcare providers, including nurses, GPs and specialists, are open to legal issues if they misdiagnose, inadequately inform the patient or conduct treatment when not required. 

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Any of these situations can result in lawsuits, costly legal fees, potential fines and suspension, and even job losses. This can also apply to insurance queries or concerns that might arise during treatment or care. 

A professional medical interpreter can help reduce all these risks, ensuring that they can support and help patients with what they exactly need. 

4) Improves Patient Care & Satisfaction 

The more the patient understands and can respond, the happier they’ll be with the treatment they’ll receive. The last thing a patient wants is poor treatment that ends up taking up more time, costs more, and potentially leads to more problems. 

Interpreters can ensure that patient care, and satisfaction is up to standard, helping them with their treatment. They can also assist with IMEs (Independent Medical Examinations), ensuring that patients get the examination they know and expect.

As for the healthcare providers, the higher the satisfaction, the more likely patients are to return to treatment the next time. That can improve the reputation and performance of their establishment. 

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