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With lockdowns occurring in Canada, many individuals are turning towards hiring interpreters to participate in video conferencing.

The reason for this is obvious: there are plenty of benefits that come with this unique service. 

Before we get to that, let’s take a quick look at what a remote video interpreter is. 

What is Video Interpreting?

Video remote interpreting is when an  accredited or certified interpreter in Canada is involved in a video conference between two parties, interpreting communications between the two. The interpreter can be based anywhere across the country, as long as they are connected through online video devices. 

Who Can Benefit From Video Interpreting Services?

The public sector is the number one user of interpreting services which include Healthcare, Education and Police as well as Provincial and Federal Court. Businesses in numerous fields (such as legal, finance, marketing, insurance and independent medical can als enhance their services with the use of video interpreting services. 

This unique approach offers opportunities to connect parties on a more personal level, allowing direct face-to-face communication. It bridges the gap between the parties, maintaining the personalization of an in-person experience and visual connection, with the added on-demand convenience of faster communication and more accessibility to languages. Significantly, it can also be very cost-effective for both parties. 

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You’ll be able to see the reaction of both parties, understand their thoughts and expressions while ensuring that communication through the certified Canadian interpreter is clear. 

The Benefits of Video Certified Interpreters in Canada 

Accuracy Between The Parties – With the visual support from the certified interpreter, both parties can expect enhanced accuracy for the spoken languages, as well as hand-cues that further add depth to the conversation. 

Personal Communication – Seeing the interpreter and the other party’s facial expressions will ensure that the accuracy of the message is direct and clear. Both parties will know what is being said and what is being understood. 

Immediacy and Connections – With fast connections and on-the-spot communication, you can establish stronger bonds with your clients. This adds a level of trust and dependability on both parties, adding a more personal connection that will enhance the conversation. 

Available For Everyone Across Canada & Globally – As mentioned above, these services are welcome for anyone to use, allowing for better communication for everyone across Canada and the globe. You can communicate with anyone at any time. 

At Languages in Motion Ltd., our goal is to bring the world together through professional translation and interpreting services. With access to over 200 languages, including American Sign Language, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic, we can help individuals, families, and businesses communicate clearer than ever before. Our certified translators and interpreters have worked in numerous industries including the Public Sector (Police, Healthcare, Court, Education, and  Municipalities), Finance, Local and International Law Firms, Insurance Companies and Private/Independent Medical Clinics. Our experience, passion for delivering results, commitment to clients, and enthusiasm for building relationships are why we are recognized as the best in the translation industry. Contact our team of certified translators and interpreters from Toronto to, Winnipeg to Calgary, and to Vancouver today at 1-888-556-5541.

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