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The world of language support has dramatically changed over the past few years. With communication made more accessible through technology, it no longer makes sense to limit interpretation services to archaic scheduling systems and lengthy wait times.

That’s where LISA comes in. Short for Language Interpreting Services Application, LISA strives to provide you with premiere interpreting services while eliminating any hassle that can come with booking an interpreter. Provided by Languages in Motion, LISA was designed to enhance the quality of your life and break down language barriers between people.

Let’s explore how LISA works and why it is the best interpreter app available.

The Benefits of LISA, The Best Interpreter App

Services For Any Setting

Access an interpreter through whichever method works best for you and those you’re communicating with. LISA provides on-demand and scheduled services in one convenient place, allowing you to access an interpreter over the phone, through video conferences, or in person. Maximize the efficiency of your meeting by selecting an interpreter experienced in the service area or field of expertise that you require. 

For example, if you are an independent medical examiner, you may find it beneficial to have a medically trained in-person interpreter. Patients don’t always have the vocabulary to describe their injuries, and will often indicate to the areas of their bodies that have been impacted. 

On the other hand, if you work in an educational setting, an interpreter on speakerphone may be all you require to ensure you are clearly communicating with your students and their parents.

Scheduling Made Simple

LISA’s sleek and user-friendly design makes scheduling an interpreter easy and straightforward. As soon as you open the app, you will notice the “appointments” tab on the left-hand side. It is here that you can arrange for any interpreter services.

Simply choose the date, time, languages required (ex: Spanish to English), and type of service required, whether that be in-person, through video, or over the phone. Once confirmed, your appointment will appear in your calendar, eliminating any confusion about when the interpreting services are scheduled and allowing for easy duplication, cancellation, and updates. 

200+ Languages At A Moment’s Notice

Sometimes, you aren’t able to anticipate when you will need interpreting services. Fortunately, LISA is readily available 24/7. Its on-demand interpreting technology allows you to connect to an interpreter network of over 6,000 interpreters without delay, ensuring that you are effectively executing your professional role while also making sure that you are treating your client/patient/student with respect. You can access the interpreter by dialling into the 1-800 phone number, accessing the platform in a web browser, or through the iPhone/Android App.

With LISA, the average connection time for an interpreter in the top 20 languages was an average of 15 seconds in 2020. Languages in Motion prides itself on connecting clients with interpreters quickly and efficiently, which is why the app is designed to do just that.

Additionally, LISA offers interpreting services for over 200 languages. Gone are the days of having to hire staff in each language to offer support for your non-English clients. Now, you can have a professional interpreter at your fingertips in moments.

Available as both a web-based platform and a smartphone app, LISA is the best interpreter app you can turn to today. 

At Languages in Motion Ltd., our goal is to bring the world together through professional translation and interpreting services. With access to over 200 languages, including American Sign Language, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic, we can help individuals, families, and businesses communicate clearer than ever before. Our certified translators and interpreters have worked in numerous industries, including the Public Sector (Police, Healthcare, Court, Education, and Government & Municipalities), Healthcare, Finance, Local and International Law Firms, Marketing, Insurance Companies and Private/Independent Medical ClinicsLaw and Order, and Immigration. Our experience, passion for delivering results, commitment to clients, and enthusiasm for building relationships are why we are recognized as the best in the translation industry. Contact our team of certified translators and interpreters from Toronto to Winnipeg to Calgary and Vancouver today at 1-888-556-5541.

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