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Your Guide to Certified Translation for Canadian Immigration

Beginning to apply for Canadian citizenship as an immigrant is typically a time-consuming process and can become even more complex without translation services or a certified translator in Canada to guide you. This process can get even more complicated when factoring in that Canada has two official languages, English and French. Typically, getting Canadian citizenship requires an official application and additional supporting documents. The immigration process also will require that these documents and applications have an accurate and authorized translation by someone who is certified. Without such translations, an immigration application can ultimately be rejected, and anyone seeking residency will want to stringently avoid a denied application.

Understand the process of certified translation for Canadian immigration, what it means to be a certified translator, and why it’s so imperative to receive accurate documental translations for your application.

Who can be a certified translator?

Someone who is a certified translator in Canada is in good standing within a reputable translation company or organization. They tend to have obtained a seal, or stamp, from the reputable organization they are affiliated with that indicates their skill and experience in translation and interpreter services. In Canada, authorized translation for legal, academic, and any purpose relating to governmental business must be completed by a translator that has obtained official certification from an organization within their designated province, such as the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (AITO) for any resident of Ontario. Bilingual family members, legal representatives, or close friends are not certified translators and do not have the authorization to translate immigration documents.

Supporting documents

The documents you provide, in addition to your immigration application, must be translated into one of Canada’s official languages if they are in any other language. These documents also need to heed the requirements of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), or else the entire application can be rejected. In addition to the immigration application submitted, the supporting documents that can be requested and need to be translated will include a birth certificate, medical exams, marriage certificate, and academic records if you are seeking residency for schooling, among other legal documents. If you are seeking permanent residency in Canada and neglect to have your application and any supporting document translation by a certified translator, it is likely that your application will be denied.

Affidavit and translations

When a certified translator completes the translation of an immigrant application and the supporting documents, the translator will sign a document referred to as an affidavit in front of an authorized figure who can attest to the accuracy of the translations. Depending on the country, the authority figure will have varying rules on who has acquired the authority to oversee the signing of the affidavit.

Failing to submit certified translated documents

When your application doesn’t have certified translations that adhere to one of Canada’s official languages, there is a significant chance that the entire application will be rejected. In fact, the IRCC may view an application without a certified translation as incomplete, and you’ll be required to resubmit your immigration application.

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