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Any large company or corporation that serves the public is almost guaranteed to have a call centre. Whether that be an airline, a phone company, or even a city, the goal of a call centre is to help their clients or patrons when they require assistance.

However, that mission can quickly come to a halt if your call centre is not equipped to assist those who speak a language other than English.

Fortunately, interpreter companies such as Languages in Motion are always striving to enhance the quality of people’s lives. They understand the value of excellent customer service, which is why they provide on-demand phone interpreter services, allowing you to tackle your job with confidence. 

As a starting point for those wanting to learn more, let’s explore the benefits of hiring a phone interpreter for your call centre.

3 Reasons Why Call Centres Should Hire Phone Interpreters

Allows You To Focus On Top Talent

Call centres typically have a high turnover rate when it comes to their employees. This can be expected, but it can make hiring more difficult if you are not utilizing the correct resources. 

Many call centres will strive to help their customers by employing staff that speak two or more languages. While this can be helpful in the short run, you may find yourself limited in options when it comes time to replace them, as not every qualified applicant will speak a language other than English.

By using a phone interpreter service, such as LISA, you can leverage a network of 6,000 interpreters and will be able to access professional interpreters in over 200 languages. This allows you to focus on hiring and training top talent, rather than searching for language speakers. Phone interpreters enable you to provide multilingual service without needing a multilingual staff.

Saves You Money

By using the bilingual staff model, you are likely hiring more call centre agents than needed. While your company may be able to advertise that it provides service in twenty languages, it’s likely that those twenty or more agents aren’t efficiently utilized. 

Instead of overhiring, leverage a phone interpreter network, such as LISA. With a response rate of under 30 seconds, phone interpreters will be able to join a call at request, allowing the agent to help any customer, regardless of language. By hiring the number of agents you need based on call volume rather than language requirements, you will likely be able to cut down on staffing needs. 

Additionally, LiM’s phone interpreter prices are incredibly accessible, costing less than $2 per minute for their services.

Creates A More Inclusive Customer Experience

When people come to a new country, they will encounter numerous language challenges, causing them stress and unease. For those who’ve come to our country for a better life, on-demand phone interpreter services take away one of those challenges and creates a more inclusive customer experience. 

Many organizations have a vision to advance diversity, inclusion, and belonging within their people that extends to its’ customers. Utilizing phone interpreter services allows you to treat your customers with respect by offering proper accommodations, establishing better relationships, and enhancing your organization’s image. This is a valuable service that benefits both your customers and business through supporting the diversity of the communities you serve. 

At Languages in Motion Ltd., our goal is to bring the world together through professional translation and interpreting services. With access to over 200 languages, including American Sign Language, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic, we can help individuals, families, and businesses communicate more clearly than ever before. Our certified translators and interpreters have worked in numerous industries, including the Public Sector (Police, Healthcare, Court, Education, and Government & Municipalities), Healthcare, Finance, Local and International Law Firms, Marketing, Insurance Companies and Private/Independent Medical Clinics, Law and Order, and Immigration. Our experience, passion for delivering results, commitment to clients, and enthusiasm for building relationships are why we are recognized as the best in the translation industry. Contact our team of certified translators and interpreters from Toronto to Winnipeg to Calgary and Vancouver today at 1-888-556-5541.

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