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The program from the Department of Canadian Heritage is intended to promote Linguistic Duality and to recognize the use of English and French in Canadian society.

Non-government organizations will benefit by this program as they undertake or continue activities that promote a better understanding of linguistic duality and build stronger cultural links between the two communities. This program also fosters the provision of services in both official languages (English and French) to promote bilingual capacity within these organizations.

The purpose of the Support for Interpretation and Translation is to assist organizations that encourage the participation of Canadians in both official languages at public events and  increase the number of documents available in both languages.

To be considered for funding you need to be a registered Canadian non-profit organization and meet the Department of Canadian Heritage funding criteria.

  • You must be involved in simultaneous interpretation either spoken or sign language in public events held in Canada.
  • You must do translations of documents intended for members of the organization and the Canadian public free of charge.

To apply you need to submit your application any time during the fiscal year (April 1–March 31).  For more information visit the Government of Canada website or contact the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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