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Translation Express Accounts were built to help professionals speed up their processes to request translation for their clients dramatically. If you’re working with a language barrier or if you’re helping your clients translate documents for use in Canada, you’ll benefit immensely from Translation Express. This system is ideal if you require translations on a weekly, if not daily basis as you most likely work directly with clients that need certified translation.

Why Become A Referral Partner?

  • Earn additional income for your business by receiving commission bonuses
  • Provide an additional service that your customer needs
  • Provide translations for your clients in 65+ languages
  • Receive access to Certified Translators who can translate your clients documents professionally, reliably and quickly
  • Clients can easily access the portal with a QR code

Who Would Benefit From Becoming A Referral Partner?

Any company that works with clients who need translation services on a regular basis would benefit from becoming a Referral Partner. The two main professional categories that we partner with are registries and immigration consultants.

Registries- We currently have over 50 Registries located throughout Alberta registered as a Referral Partner. The number of clients needing a document translated such as a driver’s licence or a birth certificate, is growing rapidly. Providing translation services at your registry is a smart way to cater to this growing clientele and to make a commission, rather than sending them away to get translation services elsewhere.

Immigration Consultants- Over 150 immigration consultants have trusted Languages in Motion to handle their clients translation needs. Languages in Motion is the only company in Alberta that works exclusively with Certified Translators, which means all of our translations are accepted by all levels of Government as well as internationally in some cases. As an immigration consultant, you can provide reliable and trusted translations for your clients while earning an additional source of income.

Testimonials From Our Current Referral Partners

  • “Accu-Search Inc. became a business partner with LIM in June 2015. We have been thrilled, not only with the end product for our clients, but the ongoing training and promotional materials supplied. Their service fills a need and gives us added revenues”.

    Hazel McNeill
    Hazel McNeill Accu-Search Inc.

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