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Representing an injured client is a Lawyer’s priority. These people need to be represented during negotiations so they can obtain a fair compensation to help them continue with their recovery. Picture a newcomer struggling with the language and due to unfortunate circumstances they got injured in an accident and can’t work. In cases like this, they seek experienced professionals to help them navigate the legal aspects of dealing with communication.

In-person Interpreters are the solution for breaking the barriers of communication and ensuring that everyone has equal access to the care and justice they deserve. They play a vital role in Personal Injury Cases. They assist newcomers and foreign residents in communicating with Lawyers, Doctors, and Claims Adjusters.

An Interpreter may be needed for a personal injury case, here are some examples:

Initial Lawyer/Client contact:

During this first meeting, the client needs to be able to communicate effectively with the Lawyer. Interpreters are there to ensure that both parties understand each other. It is very important for the client to clearly understand their rights, outcomes and legal recourse that they may have. Sometimes the Interpreter is required to assist the client to understand legal documents before they can sign them.

Filling forms and signing documents:

A personal injury claim form may be difficult for the client to understand if it is not written in their first language. For accuracy and to get a complete statement from the client, the assistance of a professional Interpreter will be key.


Interpreters are needed for discoveries, meetings, examinations, treatments, and hearings to ensure that communications are effective. A professional Interpreter supports confidentiality and trust between the provider and the client to ensure their claim is handled with care. Interpreters understand cultural values and sensitivity, this engenders trust between you and your client. Also, a professional Interpreter will have an exemplary knowledge and vocabulary of the field that they are required for.

In closing, having a certified Interpreter will affect fluid communication, clarity and will overcome the language barrier. This will assist a foreign personal injury suppliant a more likelihood to a fair court settlement.

Finding the right provider for interpretation requirements will benefit you and your client with efficient, effective and professional results.

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