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The experience of shopping around for an interpreter can be overwhelming if you’re not used to it. Commonly, we see businesses and individuals putting out personal ads for amateur interpreters or using Google Translate instead. Still, those practices might not yield the results you need, especially in business or immigration.

We posted before about the 7 things to consider when looking for an interpreter, and that’s a great place to start a checklist when you reach an interview or initial consult phase. But that’s for making your decision. This blog post aims at providing questions that will help you shortlist candidates and define your budget for the scope of your business requiring an interpreter.

How Many Languages Do You Speak?

 It’s tempting to find a certified interpreter who can speak at least two or three languages. But having one dedicated to precise, accurate, and business-savvy live language interpretation grants a lot more peace of mind. Please bear in mind that getting certified interpreters to perform live interpretation services takes time and effort; but it is much better than simply asking someone who is bilingual to be the interpreter.

What Type of Experience or Training Do You Have with Language Interpretation Services?

When searching for an interpreter, it is essential to ask about their experience with interpreting. Many people do not know how much experience interpreters have. Still, if they don’t have enough experience, they may not communicate with someone well or understand what the other person is saying correctly. This failing can really only be remedied by high caliber interpretation training or learning from experience.

How Much Do You Charge?

This question is essential because it’s necessary to know the apparent or hidden reasons for how much an interpreter will charge for their services when interpreting between different languages. It is also necessary to know how many languages they are certified in and their fluency and cultural expertise in each. That will give you an idea of whether their prices should be lower or higher and how their services will fit your budget.

Are You Insured?

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It is important to ask what type of insurance the  interpreter provides. For example, do they carry Errors and Omissions Insurance? General Liability Insurance? How much coverage do they carry? Are they insured for interpreting services or translation services within the language pair, French to English, for example? If there are ever any issues with the interpreter either on your side or against, hiring an interpreter that carries insurance will protect you in the event the situation ever escalates to court. It also shows that the interpreter is committed to protecting their reputation.

Ultimately, the decision to hire is up to you. But our intake programs for hiring new interpreters are based on the above factors, and more. Experience grants the most wisdom, and as an virtual on-demand interpreter company serving multicultural areas like Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, we’ve got lots of experience in shopping around for interpreters.

At Languages in Motion Ltd., our goal is to bring the world together through professional translation and interpreting services. With access to over 200 languages, including American Sign Language, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic, we can help individuals, families, and businesses communicate more clearly than ever before. Our certified translators and interpreters have worked in numerous industries, including the Public Sector (Police, Healthcare, Court, Education, and Government & Municipalities), Healthcare, Finance, Local and International Law Firms, Marketing, Insurance Companies and Private/Independent Medical Clinics, Law and Order, and Immigration. Our experience, passion for delivering results, commitment to clients, and enthusiasm for building relationships are why we are recognized as the best in the translation industry. Contact our team of certified translators and interpreters from Toronto to Winnipeg to Calgary and Vancouver today at 1-888-556-5541.

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