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How education translators can be an effective teaching tool

A child’s education will often determine their present and future lives, from hitting development milestones to the formation of friendships and an eventual career path. But for education to be conducive to lifelong learning, the communication between teacher and student must be clear and understood. When a teacher cannot communicate with a student who may be hard of hearing or does not speak the language used in the classroom, this will ultimately hinder a student’s ability to receive a proper education. Translation is becoming an increasingly popular tool to remedy this situation, so a student can easily integrate into a classroom without the obstruction of a language barrier. As a result of educational translation, parents, students, and teachers can benefit from interpretation services and education translators provided in classrooms. 

Find out more about why translation is important to include in the classroom. 

Why and how translation and interpretation services are needed

When students do not understand the common language used in the classroom by their peers and instructors, it will completely impede their educational progression, which will have long-term repercussions. This miscommunication can be prevented with the use of educational translators and interpreters. These services work by having an interpreter or translator near the student, and they will quietly convey the lessons the instructor is teaching. If the student who requires translation has a question, the translator will facilitate the inquiry between the student and instructor. The translator will also help with the translation of any piece of text so that the student can complete the necessary work to progress. 

Students and parents

While having an education translator is vital for students, it is also important for parents to have access to educational translation. Bilingual households often consist of some parents who have Limited English proficiency (LEP), and studies show that the number of LEP households is ever-expanding. Participating in a child’s education is always a priority for parents, and in non-English speaking households, the language barrier will prohibit them from taking part. Educational translation can resolve this issue, where parents can attend parent-teacher conferences and disciplinary meetings and help with their child’s studies without exclusion. 

Improved communication between students and teacher

The communication levels of a student-teacher will give the teacher a direct indication of what lessons need to be focused on and where the student needs to improve to excel. Of course, this level of communication will not happen without proper translation for certain students. With the help of a translator and interpreter, a student and teacher can build a natural rapport with each other and questions or concerns can be immediately approached without any communication barriers. 

Academic success

Whether a student is in elementary, high school, or university, academic success is the desired goal. Learning life skills, concepts, and how to problem solve in a classroom will set a student up for the future, where they will apply what they have been taught in the workplace and their personal life. But success in academia is often a challenge to earn when there is no way to facilitate communication between an instructor and a student who requires such services. Academic success can be more attainable for students of all backgrounds when translation is adequately incorporated into an educational setting, where lesson plans, written assignments, and participation will be conveyed accurately. 

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