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The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) is the department that is responsible for dealing with matters relating to Canadian immigration. This can include permanent residency applications, work and study permits, refugee and asylum applications and Canadian citizenship. 

When submitting applications for a visa in Canada, many applicants will need to provide supporting documents to prove their identity and status. The issue arises when the documents are not in Canada’s native languages of French and English.

As stated by the IRCC: “In all situations, supporting documents that are in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by an official translation of the original document.” 

So, what is an IRCC certified translated document? 

You Need to Hire a Certified Translator in Canada 

The IRCC states that all “documents not in English or French must be translated by a certified translator.” 

This means a qualified professional that is recognized by the national association, the CTTIC (the Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council). 

This includes any of its provincial associations, such as the ATIA (Alberta), STIBC (British Columbia), ATIM (Manitoba), CTINB (New Brunswick), ATINS (Nova Scotia), ATIO (Ontario) or ATIS (Saskatchewan). 

This even includes the Quebec association of OTTIAQ; even though it is not affiliated with the CTTIC, it is recognized by the Canadian Government.  

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When the certified translator has finished reviewing and translating your documents, they will confirm it with a seal or stamp showing the translator’s membership number. The IRCC does mention that “all stamps and seals that are not in English or French must also be translated” as well. 

Only once the certified translator has given their stamp or seal of approval can the documents be submitted to the IRCC.  

(Are you wondering what to look for in a certified translator? Read our guide here!) 

What happens if I live overseas? 

You can hire a certified translator officially recognized in your country to get documents translated. However, you can still employ Canadian certified translators to do the work for you, as long as you present the original documentation. 

If you cannot translate the document, you can get an affidavit proving the authenticity of the original documents. 

Who Cannot Translate Documents 

The IRCC makes it very clear about who cannot sign and stamp documents. Under no circumstances should you: 

  • Translated the documents yourself
  • Get it done by a family member 
  • Get translations by your representatives or consultants
  • By notaries or translators that are related to you, including immediate or close family members, such as uncles and aunts  

If the IRCC suspects that your translation is faulty, improper or fake, they can deny your application or request a retranslation by a different translator. 

The most important thing is that when it comes to submitting certified translations for immigration, ensure that you hire a well-respected and industry-leading certified translator in Canada or your own country. 

If you would like more information about why you need to hire a translator for Canadian immigration, read our guide here and contact us. 

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