Bill DoddDirector, Interpreting Services

Bill is a native Calgarian and a 25 year veteran of the Calgary Police Service. He is passionate about creating inclusive communities by helping service providers communicate effectively with all Albertans. He is an active community volunteer and can be found at either a rink or sports field most days.

“When I was a member of the Calgary Police Service, an incident occurred where investigators required a language interpreter ASAP. A person had been detained in relation to a bomb threat at the Calgary Provincial Court building. As a result, the court building and surrounding area had to be evacuated, displacing thousands of people and tying up multiple police resources for hours. It took over 5 hours to find an interpreter so that the situation could be resolved. This exposed the inadequacies of the current methods of finding qualified language interpreters. The Chief of Police at the time tasked me with finding a solution to this issue. As a result, I discovered that the Calgary Police Service was not unique. No other police service or other organization in the country had an effective system for accessing in-person language interpreters.

“My background is that I was born and raised in Calgary and am a unilingual English speaker so it may seem odd for me to be working in a company that is all about other languages, but I don’t think it is at all. I became a police officer because I wanted to help people and make a difference in my community and I truly admire those who can communicate in multiple languages. (they are so much smarter than me).”

In January 2019, Bill joined Languages in Motion as the Director of Interpreting Services to assist the team and and help the company provide the best possible solution for Police, Healthcare and Court. Bill continues to be an inspiration and a guide to all of the staff and interpreters of LiM.


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