Bill Dodd

Bill is a native Calgarian and a 25 year veteran of the Calgary Police Service. He is passionate about creating inclusive communities by helping service providers communicate effectively with all [...]

Valynn Seraphin

Valynn started her career as a Medical Laboratory Technician and soon evolved into a client servicing role within the Health and Wellness industry. Valynn has over 10 years of experience in both [...]

Daniel Shorten

With a decade of experience building software for the Web, Daniel brings a clear vision for reaching business goals by leveraging technology. Having worked in the past for several early-stage [...]

Wesley Chow

Wesley has extensive experience in the retail and oil & gas industry sectors. By utilizing his training in both computer systems and business management, he has been responsible for creating [...]

Chris Enns

Chris is a very honest and hardworking person. He has 8 years of relationship management and marketing experience. He also has an extensive understanding of various industries which allows him to [...]

Astrid Rodriguez

Astrid Rodriguez holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Development. Her passion for creativity and helping others to reach their potential has led her to develop her skills in [...]

Dawn Cardinal

Dawn Cardinal grew up in an atmosphere that nurtured a love for Multiculturalism. Working in Calgary with Languages In Motion is very satisfying to her. She finds enjoyment in getting to know the [...]

Michael J. Burak

Michael has always been passionate about languages and their practical use and is able to speak a variety of languages. Among them are English, Spanish, French and Russian and recently some [...]