Daniel Blum

If you were to meet Dan, you’d be able to describe him as friendly, authentic and passionate. Originally from BC, he found his way through the Rockies to be closer to the Calgary girl he fell in [...]

Bill Dodd

Bill is a native Calgarian and a 25 year veteran of the Calgary Police Service. He is passionate about creating inclusive communities by helping service providers communicate effectively with all [...]

Wesley Chow

Wesley has extensive experience in the retail and oil & gas industry sectors. By utilizing his training in both computer systems and business management, he has been responsible for creating [...]

Chris Enns

Chris is a very honest and hardworking person. He has 8 years of relationship management and marketing experience. He also has an extensive understanding of various industries which allows him to [...]

Dawn Cardinal

Dawn Cardinal grew up in an atmosphere that nurtured a love for Multiculturalism. Working in Calgary with Languages In Motion is very satisfying to her. She finds enjoyment in getting to know the [...]

Michael J. Burak

Michael has always been passionate about languages and their practical use and is able to speak a variety of languages. Among them are English, Spanish, French and Russian and recently some [...]