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for Personal Injury Claims

We enable you to communicate in over 75 languages and broaden your client base

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Connect with a broader audience and conduct discoveries with Accredited Interpreters in over 75 languages.

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If a claim escalates to court, we can provide a Certified Court Interpreter to avoid delays and speed up the court’s decision.



The Interpreters can assist you with assessments to help you build your case at a Doctor’s Office, Independent Medical Examination (IME), or other places of care.

Professional Interpreting for IMEs


If there are any remaining questions or concerns with the client, our interpreter is there to help.

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Working with Languages in Motion

You can use this service when you need to send your client a quick message in their language; send them appointment reminders or other important messages.

A local In-Person Interpreter can accompany you while you communicate with your client. Please book in advance for the best results, to have an interpreter prepared and available.

If you prefer to have a meeting over the phone for increased convenience or if the client is out of town, we can help you facilitate a telephone conversation with you, the client and the Interpreter.

What people have to say about LiM

It’s a pleasure to work with LiM. Their Interpreters are timely and professional. They are definitely my go-to company for everything I need.

~ Valynn

Very satisfied with Languages in Motion and the work that they do. Definitely recommend to anyone needing interpretation services. I was anxious throughout the process because it was my first time using a service like this. Dawn made me feel at ease and reassured with everything. The interpreter did a great job. So glad to have found Languages in Motion and will definitely use them again.

~ Jennifer Walker

Languages in Motion is customer and service oriented. After contacting and comparing multiple translation companies, I was convinced I must stay with LiM because of the customer service, reasonable pricing, professional advice and their adaptability. Thank you very much LiM and I will definitely come back again!

~ Nikolai K

Interpreters for Personal Injury Claims:

Albanian Interpreter
Amharic Interpreter
Arabic Interpreter
Armenian Interpreter
Assyrian Interpreter
Azerbaijani Interpreter
Bengali Interpreter
Bulgarian Interpreter
Cambodian Interpreter
Chao-Chow Interpreter
Chin (Hakachin) Interpreter
Chinese (Cantonese) Interpreter
Chinese (Hakka) Interpreter
Chinese (Hokkien) Interpreter
Chinese (Shanghainese)  Interpreter
Chinese (Taishanese) Interpreter
Chinese (Toisanese) Interpreter
Dari Interpreter
Dinka Interpreter
French (Africa) Interpreter
French (Canada) Interpreter
French (France) Interpreter
Fukinese Interpreter
German Interpreter
Greek Interpreter
Gujarati Interpreter
Hebrew Interpreter
Hindi Interpreter
Igbo Interpreter
Ilocano Interpreter
Italian Interpreter
Japanese Interpreter
Khmer Interpreter
Kikuyu Interpreter
Kinyamulenge Interpreter
Kinyarwanda Interpreter
Kiswahili Interpreter
Korean Interpreter
Kurdish – Bahdini Interpreter
Kurdish – Kurde Interpreter
Kurdish – Kurmanchi Interpreter
Kurdish – Sorani Interpreter
Lingala Interpreter
Macedonian Interpreter
Malayalam Interpreter
Mandarin Chinese Interpreter
Nepali Interpreter
Oromo Interpreter
Pashto Interpreter
Persian/Farsi Interpreter
Polish Interpreter
Portuguese Interpreter
Punjabi Interpreter
Romanian Interpreter
Russian Interpreter
Somali Interpreter
Spanish Interpreter
Swahili Interpreter
Tagalog Interpreter
Tamil Interpreter
Tigrinya Interpreter
Turkish Interpreter
Twi Interpreter
Vietnamese Interpreter

Over 130 more languages! Contact us for a full list and for pricing.

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