Professional Interpreting for IMEs

Interpreting for Independent Medical Examinations

In person Interpreters for IMEs


We Understand You:

  • LiM’s Interpreters are professionally trained, certified/accredited.
  • LiM has been providing in-person interpreting services since 2011 in 75+ languages.
  • LiM’s online booking system allows for instant appointment confirmation and gives access to account history for recurring clients.
  • LiM’s Interpreters have attended hundreds of Medical Assessments, Injury Claims and Insurance Claims equating to thousands of hours of experience.
  • LiM’s Interpreters are experienced in providing professional interpreting for Assessments such as Dental, Physiotherapy, Physiatry, Vocational, Orthopedic, Job Placement, Psychiatry etc.

Medical Interpretation Services. Book professional Interpreting services for Independent Medical Examinations/Third Party Medical Assessments. When you book an in-person translator or interpreter for a medical assessment, our customer service team will respond within 24 hours. Providing Professional In-person Translation Services for independent and third-party medical examinations/assessment (IMEs). Dental, Physiotherapy, Physiatry, Vocational, Orthopedic, Job Placement, Psychiatry etc.

On time

Our interpreters are prepared. They arrive on time.


Our Interpreters will show up. Stop paying extra fees for no-shows.


No need for follow-ups. Our Customer Service team responds quickly and keeps you informed.

How to Get started

Here’s how it works:


Request an Interpreter 24/7/365

Price Review

Review price before confirmation


Interpreter is confirmed
(Confirmation email sent)

For Ongoing Requests:

1.  Request: Book online
2.  Pricing: Automatic and agreed in advance (Instant booking confirmation activated)
3.  Confirmation: Interpreter is confirmed within 24 hours

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