Scheduling an In-Person Appointment


To schedule an appointment in LISA, start by navigating to (1) Appointments -> (2) Create New Appointment.

Fill out the presented request form with the appropriate appointment details. You can make additional changes to the appointment details if necessary.

Some important fields to consider are:

  • Appointment Type: New/Initial, or a Follow-Up appointment
  • Subject: Meaningful title that will allow for easy tracking
  • Language: Generally English to another language to be interpreted to and from
    • Order of the language pairing is unimportant (English <> French is the same as French <> English)
  • Service Delivery: Nature of your appointment – This is especially relevant if the interpretation requires specific terminology such as a legal, medical, or court interpreting appointment
  • Communication Type: Select On-Site Consecutive to request an in-person interpreter
  • Location: A valid address/location is required for in-person appointments
    • You may enter in the location or business name and the address will be retrieved for you
  • Date and Time: Required for all appointments*
  • Duration: In hours

Click Save to confirm your appointment request. You should see a confirmation message as seen below:


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