Calling an Interpreter over the Phone

You can also access our interpreters through the phone/audio calls if the interpreter is not required to be on-site. Through LISA, you can do this in a number of ways:

  • Via the LISA platform on the web browser
  • Calling on a cellphone/landline
  • Calling through the LISA mobile app using an internet connection (Android/iOS only)

Calling via Web Browser

To call an interpreter on the LISA platform, start by clicking on the Mic icon found on the top right corner:

A caller interface will appear that will allow you to specify language, service type and connection type.

On the top bar, click on the From field to select a language to interpret from. Ensure that at least one of the fields is set to English for interpretation to and from English. The order of the two languages are not important.

You can select the language of your choice from the drop down menu:

For an audio call, click on the icon on the left as seen below, then click on Call to begin connecting to an interpreter.

Calling on your Cellphone/Landline

To call an interpreter on the LISA platform through your phone, you will require your IVR PIN which can be found under (1) Configuration -> (2) IVR PIN


You can hover over the question marks to see your IVR PIN

Once you’re ready to making the call, you may dial the following number: 587-316-2057

Follow the steps below once you have been connected to setup your call with an interpreter:

  1. Enter your IVR PIN and press the # sign
  2. When prompted, you may speak your desired language name and confirm the language that has been picked up by the IVR
    1. You can also dial any predetermined dial codes to directly setup a call with a specified call type and language pairing (See Building Dial Numbers)
  3. You will now begin connecting to an interpreter on the LISA network

Calling on the LISA Mobile App

To call an interpreter on the LISA mobile app, you will require the following:

  • LISA mobile app installed (InterpretManager)
    • You can scan the QR code provided on your mobile device:
  • Your LISA login credentials
    • One-time login to the app
  • A strong Wi-Fi connection
    • Using your mobile data can result in extra charges from your provider and may not allow for sufficient bandwidth for an optimal call experience
  • An Android or iOS device

Once you are in the mobile app, you can follow the steps below to start connecting to an interpreter:

  1. Select the desired language to be interpreted to/from
  2. Select a category for the nature of your call (Legal, medical, court…etc)
  3. Select the icon for an audio call (left), or video call (right)
    • Note: Depending on the speed/bandwidth of your internet connection, call experiences may vary. We recommend audio calls on the mobile app
  4. Click on Call to begin connecting to an interpreter

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