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Using one simple app, you can process non-English speaker’s claims faster and with more accuracy. Set up an account for a few users, or the entire organization!

Telephone Interpreters

Video Interpreters

In-Person Interpreters

Transcription Services

Interpreters are qualified and have experience interpreting in different scenarios

Processing claims with non-English speakers can be challenging. Finding interpreters that are readily available can also be difficult. At times, adjusters need to have lengthy conversations with claimants and the claimant does not understand English. Hiring additional staff that speak other languages can also be difficult and bringing in an interpreter is the best option if there are no adjusters in the office that speak the language. This service can help your organization expand to cover many demographics as well as help the adjusters reach settlement quickly.

Automobile Insurance & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Slip and Fall
Accidents & Sickness Claims


Other Insurance

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Services Overview

  • In-person Interpreting

Schedule an in-person interpreter to arrive at any local destination

  • Telephone Interpreting

Make outgoing calls with an interpreter on the line, or conference in an interpreter during incoming calls

  • Video Interpreting

Doing a meeting over Skype? Bring a Video interpreter into the meeting to facilitate communication. American Sign Language is supported

  • Transcription Services

Transcribe audio into written text in any language

  • Certified Translation

Translate documents for use in court or for official use

Interpreter app

Centralized Management

With a single login, you can schedule in-person interpreters, telephone interpreters, and video interpreters or use the on-demand function and connect with an interpreter in 30 seconds or less!

Smartphone App - Access an interpreter on the go
    • Download on Google Play – Apple Store
    • View scheduled appointments and join
    • Quickly dial preset languages and specializations
    • Make on-demand calls from the app and connect to an interpreter
Web Based Platform - Manage your account from your desktop
    • Manage company users (add, remove, track)
    • View reports
    • Schedule appointments (in-person, phone and video)
    • View company calendar
    • Place on-demand video and phone calls in 200 languages
Landline - Access an interpreter from any landline by dialing our secure toll free number: 1-888-556-5541 ext. 1
    • Call center integration
    • Call conferencing/merging
    • Voice recognition (speak the language you need)
    • Preset “quick dials” ex: Dial 1 for Spanish Medical; Dial 2 for Chinese Mandarin Legal etc.

How does it work?

LiM has over 2600 qualified interpreters spanning over 200 languages that will respond to your requests. We work with local interpreters as well as interpreters from all over the world bring you 24/7 access to interpreting services. When you place a call or submit a request, it is broadcast out to all of the qualified interpreters. The first one to answer/respond, will be assigned to your file. If you would like a specific interpreter, you can do so in the scheduled request.

“Bringing the world together”

with professional translation and interpreting services

Interpreters you can access:

Albanian Interpreter
Amharic Interpreter
Arabic Interpreter
Armenian Interpreter
Assyrian Interpreter
Azerbaijani Interpreter
Bengali Interpreter
Bulgarian Interpreter
Cambodian Interpreter
Chao-Chow Interpreter
Chin (Hakachin) Interpreter
Chinese (Cantonese) Interpreter
Chinese (Hakka) Interpreter
Chinese (Hokkien) Interpreter
Chinese (Shanghainese)  Interpreter
Chinese (Taishanese) Interpreter
Chinese (Toisanese) Interpreter
Dari Interpreter
Dinka Interpreter
French (Africa) Interpreter
French (Canada) Interpreter
French (France) Interpreter
Fukinese Interpreter
German Interpreter
Greek Interpreter
Gujarati Interpreter
Hebrew Interpreter
Hindi Interpreter
Igbo Interpreter
Ilocano Interpreter
Italian Interpreter
Japanese Interpreter
Khmer Interpreter
Kikuyu Interpreter
Kinyamulenge Interpreter
Kinyarwanda Interpreter
Kiswahili Interpreter
Korean Interpreter
Kurdish – Bahdini Interpreter
Kurdish – Kurde Interpreter
Kurdish – Kurmanchi Interpreter
Kurdish – Sorani Interpreter
Lingala Interpreter
Macedonian Interpreter
Malayalam Interpreter
Mandarin Chinese Interpreter
Nepali Interpreter
Oromo Interpreter
Pashto Interpreter
Persian/Farsi Interpreter
Polish Interpreter
Portuguese Interpreter
Punjabi Interpreter
Romanian Interpreter
Russian Interpreter
Somali Interpreter
Spanish Interpreter
Swahili Interpreter
Tagalog Interpreter
Tamil Interpreter
Tigrinya Interpreter
Turkish Interpreter
Twi Interpreter
Vietnamese Interpreter

Over 130 more languages! Contact us for a full list and for pricing.

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