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Passport Stamp Translation

When you apply for Citizenship or Permanent Residence in Canada, you will need to translate parts of your passport. Generally, you will need to translate passport stamps or passport visas that are in languages other than French and English. IRCC (formerly CIC) requires you to have both the entry stamps and the exit stamps translated by a Certified Translator. They will also require you to provide them with a copy of all pages including blank pages in each passport.

Certified Copies

If you are applying for Permanent Residence (PR), a Certified Copy of the original document may be required to accompany your translation. Our team at LiM has a Commissioner for Oaths on site to make your process easier. Click to view rates for Certified Copies. A Certified Copy is an exact copy with the signature of the Commissioner for Oaths on the document as well as the date and the seal to certify that they have seen the original.

Multiple Languages

At times, translating your passport can be a long process. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requires you to have a Certified Translation of all stamps and visas that are in foreign languages and at times, it may be difficult to identify which ones need translating. There may also be more than one language involved if you have traveled to different countries with the same passport. If this is the case, we recommend coming into our office so we can help you take care of this process with ease and make sure that your passport translation is accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

If you have more than one passport or multiple members in your family, we recommend coming into our office to discuss these details. Please book an appointment by calling us at 403-648-3010

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