Diploma Translation

A Diploma is a certificate given when one completes a course of study. It comes from the Greek word, which means “folded paper”. In Canada, the word is used to refer to the whole range of academic qualifications conferred by educational institutions and is not limited to “Diploma programmes” as pertains in certain countries. Diplomas provide evidence of claimed academic qualifications but they also provide a historical timeline that goes to support a person’s claimed identity. If you are applying for immigration to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) (or even if you are applying for immigration through sponsorship and you need to add your diplomas as evidence to support your claimed identity) and your educational qualifications do not come from Canada, you will need to have these qualifications assessed. This is known as the Educational Credential Assessment. If your educational documents are not in English or French, you will need to have certified translation of Diplomas or Diploma before they can be assessed. See the CIC website for further information on ECA.

Furthermore, if you are already in Canada and are applying for jobs with foreign qualifications, you may need to have your certified translation of Diplomas for employers if they are not in English (or French depending on the institution). For those with medical qualifications, the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) gives the option of using its own translation services or the services of other acceptable translators for Certified Translation of Diplomas.

If you are studying in Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge and other cities with Universities or Colleges, the International Qualifications Assessment Service or IQAS assessments may be necessary. Our translations are recognized and accepted by IQAS.

Certified Diploma Translation in Canada

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British Colombia
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Why Use Our Services

At Languages in Motion, we have passion for what we do and we believe in providing quality and high customer satisfaction at all times. Our company’s success has been built on having deep knowledge and experience in each industry that we serve.

Language translation and interpretation are highly specialized services that require proper training to obtain the professional quality expected in the industry. We are very much aware of the risks associated with using untrained translators and interpreters including the high probability of the message getting changed in the translation.  Click here to view a Case Study from the University of Minnesota showing that being bilingual isn’t enough.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we use very highly trained translators and interpreters and we work exclusively with Certified Translators (except in languages where there are no certified translators) and Professional Interpreters. ALL of our Certified Translators are certified by a provincial or national certifying body in Canada. This means that documents translated by LiM are accepted Canada-wide without the need for notarization, a Commissioner for Oaths, or an affidavit because they are certified translations done by Certified Translators.

WARNING: If you receive a translation without the translator’s name on it, a Translator’s Number, or if you see a Commissioner for Oaths has stamped the document, it was probably not done by a Certified Translator.

Save Time Online

One of the benefits of working with Languages in Motion is that you can scan and upload your diploma online. You can choose from three different types of secure delivery services:

  • Express Service (1-2 business days or 24-48 hours)
  • Regular Service (3-4 business days)
  • Economy (5-9 business days)

Delivery fees are included in the price so you can either have the document delivered to any address in Canada by FedEx or Canada Post or you can pick it up at our office.


What LiM needs from you:

Please provide an original, high definition scan or a certified true copy of the diploma or documents. This ensures that the important details such as name of the institution, registrar’s name and signature, type of qualification, date issued, gender, parentage, place and date of birth can be clearly seen and the translation can proceed without any problems. If you choose to scan and send your diploma or document by email, please make sure that all information on the document is clearly visible. If the document is in a language with non-English Characters such as Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese or Hindi, please include the correct English spelling of all names in the document(s).

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