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How to Hire an Interpreter in Canada for a Citizenship Interview 

Immigration interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone seeking residence, but when there are language barriers to overcome, the anticipation of the interview process can become even more overwhelming. To alleviate the nerves that are bound to be emphasized as a citizenship interview nears, you should begin to search for an interpreter in Canada to hire. An interpreter will facilitate communication between the applicant and interviewer to ensure the interview goes smoothly without miscommunication and general misunderstanding. All applicants have a legal right to obtain the assistance of an interpreter, but the process of hiring may need not seem entirely straightforward. 

Find out how you can hire an interpreter in Canada for a citizenship interview and what is generally involved in hiring an interpreter. 

Interpreter options

While you may believe hiring a bilingual family or friend to accompany you during a citizenship interview is a reliable interpretation option, it is not recommended. A family or friend is a good option when you’re in a casual setting and conversation, but when so much is on the line to receive your citizenship, hiring a professional and accredited interpreter is a much more secure option to choose. A professional interpreter tends to have the experience and skills to translate languages and is able to translate quickly and accurately, so a naturally flowing conversation can be upheld without compromise. Trained interpreters will be able to translate dialects and phrases, whereas a family member or loved one who has not received formal training may not be able to. Because of the innate skills and background a professional interpreter usually has, acquiring their services is needed for a citizenship interview. 

Accredited interpreter

You can usually be referred to an accredited interpreter by an officer in charge of an applicant’s file, usually located at the immigration services of the country where the applicant is trying to obtain citizenship. These services can be found at the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in Canada. Once you request help from an accredited interpreter, an officer in charge of your immigration file can begin to determine if the applicant’s language skills are sufficient enough to require an interpreter and how the applicant’s interview could be impacted by the presence, or lack thereof, of an interpreter. If the officer at the IRCC decides an accredited interpreter isn’t necessary, they will inform the applicant prior to the citizenship interview and within a reasonable timeframe for the applicant to find an interpreter elsewhere.

Selecting an interpreter with IRCC

If the IRCC decides an interpreter is needed for a citizenship interview, the officer can choose from a list of approved interpreters, choosing one based on availability. After an interpreter has been selected, the officer will refer them to the Standard Interpretation Service Contractor Clauses and Conditions and to the code of conduct that an interpreter should use to guide them through the citizenship interview. 


Finding an interpreter to hire in Canada for a citizenship interview can be surprisingly simplistic when you turn to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada for assistance. But when you’re unable to get an interpreter from an officer at the IRCC, you can begin to contact language interpreter organizations, both provincially and locally run, to obtain professional assistance.

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