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As an Insurance Adjuster, you’re likely exposed to a wide range of individuals and types of claims. A few common scenarios are personal injury and medical claims. The information you receive from both the insured and the injured party, as well as the narrative you understand, sets the tone for any financial and legal proceedings.

The pressure can feel amplified when you are dealing with an insured party who presents a language barrier. While they have the information and details you need to complete your report, they may not be able to clearly communicate their situation to you. This can be difficult, as it provides the opposing party with the opportunity to take control of the story.

Fortunately LISA (Language Interpreting Services Application), the most innovative on-demand interpreter app, is available to you and your team to assist you at a moment’s notice.

But how exactly can LISA help insurance adjusters? Let’s take a look at a few ways below.

3 Ways LISA Helps Insurance Adjusters

Get a Clear Statement

The greatest benefit of having LISA accessible on your phone or computer is that you will not need to struggle to acquire statements as a result of language barriers.  Communication with the insured will be easier and more efficient than before.

At the first indication of a language barrier, simply turn to the App and request an interpreter in the language you require. In under 30 seconds, you will be connected with an interpreter, whether that be on the phone, through Zoom , or from our built-in video conferencing tool. Rather than relying on best guesses and awkward communication, you can have an On-Demand interpreter join your conversation and ensure there is no miscommunication or missed details.

Eliminates Hassle

The process of tracking down an interpreter is typically an unattractive one. Between researching reputable companies and interpreters and sending countless emails, finding the perfect interpreter can be time-consuming and frustrating.

With LISA, however, you don’t need to worry. Every interpreter that is available on the App is professionally trained and accredited/certified, ensuring you can rely on them to provide accurate and thorough interpretation. Plus, LISA’s On-Demand services eliminate the lengthy process of selecting or scheduling an interpreter; instead, connect with one instantly, whenever you need.

Builds Professional Relationships

The process of finding an interpreting company that you can trust can be difficult, so learning they are unable to provide services in the language you need can be downright frustrating. 

Fortunately, LISA offers interpreting services in over 200 languages, allowing you to turn to the App every time you need an interpreter. Plus, as you develop relationships with particular interpreters, you can request their specific assistance, allowing you to feel like you’re collaborating with a colleague rather than a stranger.

Additionally, providing interpreting services to the insured in your file  allows them to open up and better connect with you, thus enabling your day to go more smoothly.

At Languages in Motion Ltd., our goal is to bring the world together through professional translation and interpreting services. With access to over 200 languages, including American Sign Language, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Arabic, we can help individuals, families, and businesses communicate more clearly than ever before. Our certified translators and interpreters have worked in numerous industries, including the Public Sector (Police, Healthcare, Court, Education, and Government & Municipalities), Healthcare, Finance, Local and International Law Firms, Marketing, Insurance Companies and Private/Independent Medical Clinics, Law and Order, and Immigration. Our experience, passion for delivering results, commitment to clients, and enthusiasm for building relationships are why we are recognized as the best in the translation industry. Contact our team of certified translators and interpreters from Toronto to Winnipeg to Calgary and Vancouver today at 1-888-556-5541.

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