Interested in being a Professional Interpreter with Languages in Motion?

Joining the Languages in Motion team may be your best bet! Our team is extremely fun to work with as we only work with people who love what they do. Our organization is based on a positive friendly environment and since we specialize in communication, we communicate with our freelancers and help you see the big picture.

Teaming up to work with Languages in Motion as an Interpreter will help you in many ways.


We use various types of Interpretation:

– Conference Interpretation

– Court Interpretation

– Telephonic Interpretation

– Consecutive Interpretation (Personal)

– Consecutive Interpretation (Local Business)

– Consecutive Interpretation (Travel – Business/Personal)


Your future interpreter team is made of two primary categories:

1. Standard Interpretation

Standard Interpretation is for a moderately experienced interpreter that has been in the industry for about 5 years and has education in the target languages. In depth proficiency is mandatory. Those involved in this level of interpretation will be working with clients that require proficient and somewhat specialized knowledge in the various fields. It is important that you specify any credentials you may have such as CILISAT, CISOC, and a provincial registration as an interpreter such as a TIN for Alberta, or ICBC with BC, and if you are registered with the IRB. To be considered as one of our Standard Interpreters, you must have documented proof of your abilities and provide references upon request. Apply to be a Standard Interpreter here.

2. Professional Interpretation

Professional Interpretation is for the best Interpreters in the industry. If you fall into this category and have over 10 years of experience, this position is a good fit for you. This type of interpretation is used for professional settings where consecutive (and some simultaneous or whispering) interpretation is required both local and abroad. As a professional, it is required that you declare specialties/areas of expertise (and of course your favourite areas to work in). This service entails specified knowledge of various fields of interpretation such as medical, accounting, finance, economics, commerce etc. It also includes court hearings and trials, seminars, and business meetings. To be considered as one of our Professional Interpreters, you must have documented proof of your abilities and provide references upon request. Apply as a Professional Interpreter here.

We look forward to meeting you!

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