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Welcome to the LiM Academy, and your first on-boarding course! We are excited you’re considering working with us. We’re always looking for the best people to join our growing team of passionate professionals to help the world communicate.

This online course is a way for both of us to get to know each other better, as well as for us to verify that you have the mandatory requirements expected by our industry.

During this course, we will give you an introduction to Languages in Motion as well as administer an exam to ensure that you fully understand the requirements of working as an LiM translator. Throughout the course, you will be required to complete Assignments, which consist of uploading your signed Subcontractor Agreement, Terms of Engagement, Code of Conduct and Ethics, Expectations, and translator certifications/certificates.

This mandatory on-boarding course must be completed in order to be considered for work through LiM. It covers best practices, ethics, certifications, and special requirements. After completing this course, you, the translator, will unlock the LiM training courses which will allow you to work in specialized areas such as Certified translation using Translation Express or Professional Translation using XTRF & ______.

Required time: 2-3 hours

Course Overview

  1. What is Certified & Professional translation?
  2. The LiM Difference
  3. Code of Conduct and Ethics
  4. Terms of Engagement
  5. Subcontractor Agreement
  6. Expectations
  7. Qualifications & Minimum Requirements
  8. Qualification & Credential Check
  9. Exam 1 – Approved to Work Status

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