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If you have ever needed a translation in your lifetime, you would probably notice that there are several different terms, which sound awfully familiar but are actually quite different. 

Terms like certified, sworn and legalized, are way too common in the world of translation, and for novices, it all sounds the same. And this is the issue: it might lead to problems when it comes to actual translations, particularly for financial and legal document translations.

Therefore, understanding these complex terms is crucial to ensure you get the best service possible. 

Just like we previously highlighted the differences between interpretation and translation, today, we’re going to focus on Certified vs Sworn Translations, highlighting the key distinctions between the two. 

Sworn or Certified Translation Service: What are the Differences?

What’s a Sworn Translation? 

In basic terms, a sworn translation is a document that has been signed and sealed by an authorized translator, guaranteeing its authenticity and value. 

The authorized translator is usually appointed by the legal authorities to provide official translations and is predominant in courts of law. They must take an oath under penalty of perjury when translating a document, ensuring that they are honest, truthful and provide a very accurate interpretation. 

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In many cases, legal documents have to be certified by sworn translators to be considered equivalent to the original text, highlighting their quality. It is important to verify the exact requirements of the translation you are requesting because in countries like the UK and the United States, there is no such thing as a ‘sworn’ translator but they do accept translations done by Certified Translators or those notarized in the presence of a notary public in their respective countries 

What’s a Certified Translation? 

A certified translation is carried out by a qualified certified translator in Canada who has signed the document, guaranteeing its quality and accuracy. A certificate or Translator’s Declaration is issued that states that the translated document corresponds with the original version, which further enhances its validity in the eyes of the parties that require it. 

These types of translations are usually required for formal and legal purposes and are particularly important for immigration to Canada, university studies and admission, and for individual needs, such as marriage certificates, driver’s licenses and so forth. 

Such Certified Translations are also admissible in Canadian Courts where the translation is used as evidence in a trial or is required to understand/verify the statement of a witness.

In many cases, these are done by experienced translators who specialize in the legal sector and who understand the implications of a mistranslation.

What’s The Differences? 

Ultimately, it all depends on the specific requirements demanded by the party that wants the translation. Many Government bodies might ask for a certified translation, while others, such as court judges, or foreign countries might ask for sworn translations. 

But at least you know the key differences now. Happy translating! 

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