Languages in Motion Ltd.

Our Vision: A Professional Translator or Interpreter at the Press of a Button.

At Languages in Motion, we envision helping millions of individuals and businesses all around the world communicate cross-culturally any time and anywhere through Translation (written documents) and Interpretation (spoken conversation). We are able to support our clients 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our team works together as dedicated professionals and strives to deliver impeccable service.

Languages in Motion is able to serve you in over 200 languages. Our team consists of over 1,900 Certified Translators and 2,600+ local and remote Interpreters who are here to help you achieve your goals.

Each Translator & Interpreter that works with us is professional and is highly respected in our company. Being surrounded by professionals allows us to confidently assure quality services to those who choose our company as their Language Services Provider.

Working with Certified Translators and Interpreters

Many translation firms or agencies hire non-certified translators, however, to be sure your documents will be translated in the most effective manner and with the highest quality, Languages in Motion Ltd. ensures that all of our translators are certified/sworn members of a Federally or Provincially Recognized Certifying Body. When legalization of documents are required and no Certified Translator is available in the language combination requested, we work with experienced translators and a Notary Public to be sure all translations are legalized.

Languages in Motion provides Certified/Accredited Interpreters, certified by State/Provincial and/or Federal Governments. LiM also provides HIPAA compliant interpreters for medical scenarios. We provide Nationally and Internationally Certified Conference Interpreters for events where Simultaneous Interpreting is required. Our local interpreters have been trained in a variety of areas and have expertise in many different industries. To date, we’ve supported our clients in over 100 different scenarios ranging from Medical and Legal to International Business.

Meet the Team

We believe that the most important word in any language in our present world is ‘communication’. By creating bridges and expanding ideas, we help our world become a better place – we excel in serving those who desire to communicate on a global scale.

A Brief History

Languages in Motion was founded founded in Calgary, Alberta in May, 2011 and was created as a result of its founder realizing that the local and international markets are in great need of professional communication. Early on, LiM decided to work exclusively with Certified Translators and Interpreters in order to ensure clients were being represented in a professional and ethical manner.

“We are selective because we understand that it takes serious training and dedication to become an effective translator or interpreter.”

During LiM’s early growth phases, the team received requests from hundreds of different industries, each one requiring specialized knowledge of their industry. As time went on, they built a strong network of translators and interpreters who had previously worked in these sectors and created a vast team of experts in many different fields. 

Throughout the many years that LiM has been in business, their Core Values have been the reason why LiM is the preferred Language Services Company for hundreds of clients.

LiM Core Values

Passionate About our Work

At LiM, we are passionate about bringing the world together through translation and interpreting services.

Committed to Growth

LiM is committed to professional and personal growth. We believe in becoming better every day as individuals and as a team.

Win-Win Interactions

We believe that all transactions between our company and our clients should be a win for both parties. We look for solutions where everyone benefits.


We are open-minded and are always looking for ways to innovate! We believe in adopting leading edge technology and implementing ideas that will give our clients the advantage.

Built to Last

Any company that has lasted for decades is built on a strong foundation of trust, reliability, and integrity. Every day, we strive to build relationships that last with our staff and clients.

Some of Our Clients

We’ve helped people communicate in many different areas including but not limited to:

    • Public Sector (Government, Municipalities)
    • Health Services
    • Legal & Court Matters
    • Insurance Claims
    • Immigration Matters
    • Local and International Marketing
    • Non-Profit organizations
    • Education

Still something you want to know?

If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact us. Send us an e-mail 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to: for more information.

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