Michael J. Burak

Founder, CEO

Michael has always been passionate about languages and their practical use and is able to speak a variety of languages. Among them are English, Spanish, French and Russian. Before Languages in Motion, Michael founded the University of Calgary Translation Association (UCTA) which he led to win the Student’s Union Club of the Year in 2012 – their first year of operations.

The UCTA started to generate a response in the community from the day it was created. There were many organizations and individuals that were not able to find access to qualified and reliable translation and interpretation services. With Michael’s entrepreneurial spirit and guidance of some of Canada’s finest Certified Translators and Calgary’s best Linguists, Languages in Motion was born.

Notably, through identifying the needs in the community, along with one of the Executives from UCTA, they founded the charitable organization named the International Translators and Interpreters Foundation (INTIF) which helps students and aspiring linguists to become Certified Translators and Interpreters by providing training and connections to opportunities in the communities where the aspiring translators/interpreters reside.

“Given my academic background in Linguistics and Languages, I was easily able to recognize the need for Professional Translators and Interpreters – something that many members of the general public aren’t aware of in our technology-based society.

“Our company is an advocate for Certified Translation Services and Professional Interpretation Services as these individuals carry the highest standards in the industry as well as ensure that the client’s information remains confidential and the integrity of the original text is maintained as much as possible.

“I am committed to bringing the best people to the forefront – those translators and interpreters who are specialized in each specific industry. Our aim is to help our clients literally become multi-lingual through our services 24/7/365.”

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